Tips, tools and information that will help you increase your safety while working at heights, in the heat, construction zones, and more.

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Zenith Cut Resistant Glove Selection Guide

New Test Standards for ANSI and EN 388 for Cut Resistant Gloves.

Cut Resistant Glove Selection Guide

Understanding Old vs. New ANSI Standards.

Keeping You Safe at Heights: Passive Fall Protection Equipment

Discover over a dozen roof guard solutions from complete guard rail kits, temporary rails, anchors, roof walks, step-overs and ladders.

Fall Protection for Tools

Falling Objects Can Cost Your Company - Protect Your Employees and Assets

Spill Containment Regulations for the Canadian Market

Summary of Canadian Critical Regulations by province. Are you compliant?

3-Step Ladder Safety Program

Are the Ladders in Your Facility Compliant with Canadian Regulations?

Safety Tips for Work on a High Work Maintenance Platform

Find safety tips, an example of a caution label and download the CSA International Letter of Attestation.

Scaffold Safety Essentials

Arm yourselves with knowledge, common sense and the right equipment.

Top 10 Hand Truck Safety Tips

Using the right hand truck will reduce employee injury while increasing efficiencies.

First Aid Kits Selection Guide

Regulatory content listings of first aid kits by regulation.

Liquid Hazards

Common Safety Violations and find out if you qualify for this FREE STUD-E survey.

A Guide to Emergency Eyewash & Shower Equipment

TENAQUIP offers a comprehensive range of products and services to help comply with ANSI emergency shower and eyewash.

Arc Flash Protection

What is an Arc Flash? What is the CSA Z462 standard? And should this concern me?

Heat Stress

What are your responsibilities? Regulations and the hierarchy of hazard control. Plus make you summer work environment safer.

Eliminating Slip, Trip and Fall Hazards

In 2013 approximately 20% of Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) claims were for lost-time injuries caused by slips, trips, and falls.

Protect Yourself and Others Against Influenza

Is Your Organization prepared? Stay informed.

Prepare for Germ Season

Keeping hands clean helps prevent illness at work, school and home.


The original WHMIS is not being replaced but rather updated to align as closely as possible with the United States and other key trading partners.

Hearing Protection - Life Can Be Loud

To prevent adverse outcomes of noise exposure, noise should be reduced to acceptable levels.

Personal Gas Detectors: Calibration and Bump Testing

What is calibration and bump testing?

MSA Xcell Sensor Chart

Reference guide to Altair® 4X/5X XCell Sensors: Hazards and Industries.

Finding Dupont Protective Apparel Just Got Easier

We’ve simplified our product identification system by replacing the original product names with an easy-to follow numeric system.

How to Choose a Safety Guardrail System

Many warehouse related accidents and damages can be avoided or minimized with proper safety precautions.

Learn on how to select the proper guardrail system for your warehouse.

Lockout Solutions

Expert lockout programs and compliance management to protect your employees.

Top 10 Things To Consider Before You Buy FR Clothing

Do you know all the factors to consider when making your FR purchase?

To help you make this important decision, here is a list of the top 10 things to consider when buying FR to ensure the FR clothing you choose will keep you safe and compliant, no matter what the job throws at you.

Moldex Decision Guide for Welding Respirators

Conditions at worksites can vary substantially. A comprehensive evaluation must be made to determine the correct respiratory protection. Once contaminants at a worksite have been identified and concentrations measured by a qualified professional, we can help you select the appropriate respirator for your work environment.