How to Choose a Safety Guardrail System

How to Choose a Safety Guardrail System

Safety Hazards

Many warehouse related accidents and damages can be avoided or minimized with proper safety precautions. Guardrails play a vital role in warehouse safety when installed and maintained correctly

3 elements to consider:

  1. People
    • Protect employees working in close proximity to machinery
    • Shield employees and guests in high traffic areas
  2. Equipment
    • Guard racking systems, mezzanines, conveyors, loading docks , electrical panels, etc.
  3. Products
    • Protect openly stored inventory

Key Locations


Low Profile
Used to avoid collisions between vehicles and products.

High Profile
Used to direct traffic.

What to consider when choosing a guardrail

Profile Height: Do you need a high or low profile guardrail?

Length: How much ground does this unit need to cover?

Special Features & Accessories: Do you need any accessories (doors, removable panels)?

Guardrail Styles

When measuring a guardrail it is important to include the dimensions of the post(s). To make the decision easier, many manufacturers refer to the guardrail as nominal length this includes the width dimension of 1 post. Refer to the guideline below for additional information.

2' 24" 19" 5"
3' 36" 31" 5"
4' 48" 43" 5"
5' 60" 55" 5"
6' 72" 67" 5"
7' 84" 79" 5"
8' 96" 91" 5"
9' 108" 103" 5"
10' 120" 115" 5"

Check out these safe sites!

Low Profile

Low Profile

High Profile

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