Scaffold Safety Essentials

Facing The Risks Of Scaffolding

Despite established standards and strict regulations, people working with scaffolding are still at risk. However, we can prevent accidents by arming ourselves with knowledge, common sense and the right equipment.

Training is Essential

Employees should be properly trained so that they understand safe work procedures and how scaffolding works. They should also have a clear understanding of fall protection and know how to properly climb on and climb off scaffolding.

Securely Attached

Scaffolding should always be securely attached or anchored to the building. It’s crucial to respect load capacity and not to have too many people working on the scaffolding at a time. We also have to make sure that cross members, guardrails, planks and decks are properly installed.

Fall Protection

Fall protection is one of the most important aspects of scaffolding safety, and the foundation of fall safety is the harness. There are many types for numerous applications such as fall arrest, work positioning, descent, ladder climbing, evacuation and retrieval. In addition to harnesses, there is a wide range of related products available on the market.

View the wide range of products that TENAQUIP offers related to scaffolding and fall protection.

For more in-depth information about scaffolding and safety, we invite you to read Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine’s article entitled Higher Ground: 10 Scaffold Safety Essentials.


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