Safety Tips

High Work Maintenance Platform

  1. Secure platform to forklift before use.
  2. Put on hand brake before elevating platform.
  3. Do not transport personnel while elevated.
  4. Inspect all safety features before each use.
  5. Latch safety lanyard and harness at the dedicated ring when using platform.
    The ring is for the use of one person only.
  6. Use CSA Certified Body Harnesses and Lanyards only.
  7. Attach door before use.
  8. Do not use near High Voltage apparatus.
  9. Opearate on level ground only.
  10. Read forklift capacities before using.
  11. Forklift truck to be used by qualified/trained personnel opeartor only.
Download CSA International Letter of Attestation Download Example Caution Label