Aiming for a Zero-Drop Policy

Fall protection for tools for a safer work environment.

Protecting your workers on the job should be a top priority, but they are not the only ones who risk injury on a daily basis: those walking and working near your worksite are also in danger. Currently, there are over 27,000 recorded incidents of people being struck by falling objects every year in Canada, which is equivalent to an average of 135 instances per day during the work year.

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Key Products – The "Focus 5"

Third-party tested and engineered for quality, the 3M™ DBI‑SALA® Fall Protection for Tools lineup is specifically designed to help prevent the potential hazard of falling objects on your work sites.

We're focused on helping to minimize the risk of dropped tools and objects to keep you and everyone below safer.


Safe Bucket

  • Canvas bucket with hook and loop closure system
  • Canvas Material
  • 100-lb. (45.4-kg) capacity


Small Parts Pouch

  • Innovative self-closure system designed for small parts
  • Mounts to most tool belts
  • Black Canvas Material


Hook2Hook Coil Tether

  • Vinyl-coated braided-steelcoil with self-locking carabiners
  • 5-lb. (2.3-kg) load capacity


Adjustable Radio Holster

  • Fits virtually any handheld radio or cell phone
  • Includes coil tether and micro D-ring attachment point


Hard Hat Coil Tether

  • Compact Coil Design
  • 4 lbs. (1.8 kg) capacity