Planning A Maintenance Shutdown?

We Guarantee the Right Products at the Right Place, at the Right Time!

Our Team of TENAQUIP Professionals will:

  • Schedule guaranteed product delivery one week prior to shutdown (or as you specify)
  • Develop cost allocation reports by department or line that allow you:
    • to accurately track costs related to each specific shutdown
    • increase the accuracy of future shutdown budgets
  • Create labeling for each product shipping carton and/or skid that will clearly identify key shutdown information that you require
  • Develop a bill of material report related to product usage by project
  • Arrange for a full credit refund on all unused stock products returned in its original packaging at the end of the shutdown

Our TENAQUIP program will eliminate:

"Spikes" in your day-to-day tool crib usage

Down time due to product stock-outs

High per unit product costs often encountered with rush shipments

Wasted or obsolete product common to "just in case" inventory planning

We Can Help!

Contact our professionals to help you with your Maintenance Shutdown.