TENAQUIP Global Sourcing Group

At TENAQUIP, we listen!

You have told us that in these increasingly challenging times you need products and services that offer even MORE value than ever before! With this as our goal, we have travelled throughout the globe in search of solutions that will meet and exceed your expectations!

In our search, we soon realized that the most effective way to meet and exceed our customers' expectations for MORE value was to establish a TENAQUIP Global Sourcing Group. In this way TENAQUIP is able to ensure the high standards of quality, service and innovation that TENAQUIP has become known for throughout Canada, will continue to be upheld and grow!

Our TENAQUIP Global Sourcing Group was established in 2007, beginning its operations with a complement of just 600 sku's. Today, products sourced through this group's operation exceed 3000 sku's and represent the fastest growing segment of our total TENAQUIP product offering.

To ensure the highest quality standards are met, products sourced through our Global Sourcing Group are first evaluated to ensure they are compliant with applicable Canadian regulations. They are then quality checked at the factory before shipping and as a final measure, they are quality checked once again at our facilities in Canada before being released to you, our valued customer!