Key Accounts & Corporate Accounts

TENAQUIP is a leading national distributor of Occupational Health and Safety, MRO and Material Handling supplies. TENAQUIP's solution based regional team of experts has made us one of the major suppliers to the Canadian industrial market.

TENAQUIP's Key Account and Corporate Account Managers are eager to begin working with your organization to provide complete solutions that are cost-effective and meet your company's unique needs.

TENAQUIP combines extensive product expertise along with business flexibility and the sense of urgency to deliver the procurement and cost reduction solutions you require.

Process and Cost Impact Solutions

  • Product Standardization and Consolidation
  • Advanced Distribution Technology
  • Vendor Reduction
  • Elimination of Stock Outs and Back Orders
  • Correct Inventory Levels
  • Usage Reports
  • Summary Billing
  • VMI - Vendor Managed Inventory
    • Cabinets Program
    • Auto Dispensing Solutions

Ready for You!

Our Key Account and Corporate Account partnership program representatives are also ready at any time to provide you with any of our Signature Services.