Top 10 Hand Truck Safety Tips

Safety Tips List

  1. Follow proper lifting techniques to place the load on the hand truck.
    Use your legs, and keep your back straight.
  2. Place the heaviest objects on the bottom to increase hand truck stability.
  3. Position the load so it rests on the axles so the weight will be carried by the truck and not the handles.
  4. Make sure the load will not slip, shift or fall. This may require securing the load to the truck.
  5. Inspect: Check for broken welds, cracks etc...
  6. Remember the back care rule: It is safer to push than to pull.
  7. Tire maintenance: A poorly maintained hand truck will greatly increase physical stress on an employee. When hand truck tires are under or unevenly pressurized, the employee's arms, back, and legs must provide more force to move the hand truck. Maintaining your tires along with purchasing the right tires can help resolve the issue.
  8. Make sure you can see over the load.
  9. Hand truck injuries typically occur by getting your hand pinched between the handles and a nearby stationary object, take care when working your way through tight spaces. The use of gloves can provide extra protection.
  10. Use the right hand truck for your application: For example, using a foldable frame will allow you to easily store the unit when on the go or choosing flat-free wheels to reduce maintenance costs. Let the truck do the work for you!

Using the right hand truck will reduce employee injury while increasing efficiencies.

Let our team of material handling experts guide you in choosing the right hand truck.

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