Industrial Vending Program

Industrial vending machines are purpose-built vending machines designed to vend inventory and industrial supplies.

Industrial vending machines can be stocked with all types of inventory both large and small. You can manage tools, safety supplies, PPE, gloves, general MRO supplies, cutting-inserts, valve fittings, fasteners, work kits, test equipment, gauges, laptops, radios, spare parts, and literally everything that's considered inventory.

If you can buy it, AutoCrib can vend it!


Welcome To Our Industrial Vending Machine Line Up

AutoCrib has become a leader in "point-of-use" industrial vending machines, with over 4,000 installations worldwide.

The basic concept of vending has evolved into a wide variety of products that assist manufacturers in controlling tooling, safety supplies, MRO supplies and other "indirect materials".

Cost Savings

Reduce Spend Up to
Custom Reports
AutoCrib Computer
Increase Productivity Up to

Key Benefits To Implementing An Industrial Vending Program

The Big 7

1. Reduced Item Consumption +/-

2. Increased Use of Reconditioned Items

3. Reductions in Obsolete Inventory

4. Reductions in Carrying Cost and Inventory

5. Reduced or Eliminated Stock-outs

6. Reduced Purchasing Cost

7. Reductions in Crib Trip Time

The Little 7

1. Inventory Issuance & Tracking Reduction

2. Reclaim Floor Space

3. Turn Data Into Information (supply vs. demand)

4. Manage Calibration Requirements

5. 24/7 Availability Without Additional Staff

6. Allows More Time To Focus on Core Business

7. Elimination of FOD (Foreign Object Damage)


The advanced solutions provided by TENAQUIP and Autocrib are custom fitted to the needs of your organization! In our experiences the "one size fits all" approach has become obsolete. The real question is what do you need today to surpass tomorrow's goals?

The following is a quick review of the basic technology benefits provided by Autocrib. For a more detailed explanation click here.

Perform issue and return tasks, as well as access control capabilities

Automatic reorder capabilities (Demand-Based Purchasing)

Control inventory and manage purchasing

Key system metrics on Intelligent Dashboard

Manage multiple vending machines via one machine

Control and track tool and supplies usage

Manage/set up cribs, stores, AutoCrib machines

Over 200 management reports

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