Cost Effective Cleaning!

Cost Effective Cleaning!

Dilution systems that leave you with more in your pockets!

Stop guessing when it comes to diluting chemicals.

Chemical proportioners dilute to the correct ratio every time, regardless of the water pressure. See the cost savings add up and say goodbye to chemical waste. By using the proper dilution, you can easily know how much product is going to be used in a given amount of time, allowing you to lock in costs on your budget.

Enviro Flex Proportioner - Giving you optimal cleaning performance.


Model No. JG623 3+1
Model No. JG624 2+2

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  • Easy to use and installs in just a few minutes
  • Consistently dispenses the precise amount of chemical regardless of water pressure
  • Dilution control is the best form of cost-effective use of chemical concentrates
  • Diluting your own chemical is less costly than buying ready-to-use products
  • The system can be configured with 2 (1 GPM) + 2 (4 GPM) or 3 (1 GPM) + 1 (4 GPM), allowing for product and application flexibility to customize the system to your needs
  • Combination of low and high flow rates, using separate 1 GPM or 3.5 GPM

Eco Easy Fill


Model No. JD502 - Grey Dilution Ratio: 1:256
Model No. JD503 - White Dilution Ratio: 1:10
Model No. JD504 - Yellow Dilution Ratio: 1:40
Model No. JD505 - Blue Dilution Ratio: 1:80
Model No. JD506 - Green Dilution Ratio: 1:120

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  • A great solution for portable dilution of chemicals
  • Easy as 1-2-3, simply insert the straw into the container, screw on the Eco Easy Fill dispenser, then connect to a water source and your portable dilution system is ready to use
  • Designed to eliminate the risk of spills which prevents chemical loss and promotes a cost effective use of the chemical
  • Designed to simplify work and eliminate spills that can be dangerous to the user


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