How to choose a cable protector

How to Choose The Right Model

Why Use Cable Protectors

  • Protect your cables, cords, and hose lines from pedestrian traffic, vehicle and heavy-duty equipment movement
  • Ideal for festivals, construction sites, conventions centers, and any event or facility
  • Cost-effective solution helps prevent damage caused by wire vibration, contact with other heat producing equipment or simply from tripping
  • Improve accessibility

Cable protectors are offered in a variety of size, material and colour to suit all types of applications.

What to Consider

1) Size – How many cables do you want to protect?

Protect 1,2,3,4, and 5 cables using the same protector. Each slot is known as a “Channel”.

What you need to know

Know the overall diameter of your cables. Make sure that your cables will fit into the cable protector by choosing the proper channel width and height.

General Rule to Remember

Remember that as the number of channels on the protector decreases, the channel height will increase.

Is your vehicle clearance height limited?

Low profile and drop-over models are a quick solution to protect your cables while allowing low vehicle, pedestrian walking, and handicap access.


2) Load Capacity - What will be crossing over the cable protector?

With capacities up to 800,000 lbs. per axle (load that a vehicle will put on a cable protectors as they drive over them), cable protectors can withstand thousands of pounds and endure constant impact.

Heavy-duty cable protectors are ideal for vehicles or hauling trucks and light-duty cable protectors are best for light to heavy pedestrian walking, light commercial and utility applications.


3) Connector Type - Interlocking design for easy setup and disassemble

Connect multiple units together to create your desired length.

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Connector Style

4) Accessibility Ramps And Rails

ADA DDA Compliant

Most of Checkers® Cable Protectors offer ADA/DDA compliant access ramp.

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5) Material


  • Heavy-duty to general purpose applications
  • Ideal for heavy-duty equipment and high volume traffic
  • Oil gas, mining, military, construction, entertainment, manufacturing, and material handling
  • Light weight and more durable
  • Withstand extreme weather conditions


  • Light-duty applications
  • Ideal for pedestrian traffic and light vehicle traffic
  • Office, light industrial, entertainment

6) Colours

Universal safety colours are available for all types of traffic.
High visibility colours include: yellow, orange, black, and blue.


7) Need Accessories?

Adding accessories to your cable protectors depends widely on placement and positioning of your cable protector system. Most cable protector series offer accessories such as: End caps, 45 degree left and/or right turns, 4 and 3-way cross intersections.

Need Accessories

CHECKERS® Most Popular Cable Protector Brands

CHECKERS® offers the most extensive line of high performance cable/hose protection products in the world. These durable cable protection systems provide a safer method of passage for pedestrian traffic, vehicles and heavy-duty equipment while protecting valuable electrical cables, cords and hose lines from damage. To fit the needs of a wide variety of applications, refer below to view CHECKERS® most popular cable protector brands.

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