Pallet Truck Buyer's Guide

The Buyer's Guide to Pallet Trucks

Buying a Pallet Truck? Compare Key Features First!

The task of finding the most suitable pallet truck can be quite overwhelming. With a few clicks, you will discover hundreds of different models on various websites. So how do you go about choosing the pallet truck that best suits your needs? Below are a few points that should be considered.


Knowing the weight of the pallet being lifted and moved is a vital characteristic to consider when purchasing a pallet truck. The right pallet truck will not only aid in moving pallets, but will also provide ergonomic related benefits for your employees, reducing the chance of injury.

Under 5500 lbs. 5500 to 10,000 lbs. 10,000 lbs. and more


This will help narrow down your search, the right fork width and fork length will depend on the size of the pallets you will be moving.

Fork Length: 36 in Fork Length: 42 in Fork Length: 48 in Fork Length: Other


The most common material used in manufacturing pallet trucks is steel, although it is important to note that steel is not acceptable in all environments. For example when working in a wet or cold environment you may need a galvanized or stainless steel unit, a steel unit may quickly corrode.

Galvanized Stainless Steel


A good indicator that the manufacturer is standing behind their product, providing you with a quality solution.

Warranty: 90 Days Warranty: 1 Year Warranty: 2 Years Warranty: 3 Years or More


Are there any particular features you require, that will improve efficiency and reduce injuries?

Features, such as all-terrain wheels (for outdoor use), adjustable fork width (to be used with various pallet sizes), a digital scale unit (to record the weight of each pallet), will help you accomplish more tasks. The features are indeed endless!


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